When applying for a temporary residence permit in Lithuania, minors from the age of 2 will also have to participate in person


After Agnė Bilotaitė, the Minister of Internal Affairs, signed the order amending the Description of the Procedure for Issuing Temporary Residence Permits in Lithuania to Foreigners, certain requirements for minor citizens of foreign countries were also changed.

Up until now, minors under the age of 6 could not come to the customer service unit of the Migration Department when submitting an application for the issuance or change of a temporary residence permit in Lithuania.

After the changes to the Description of the Procedure came into force and when requesting the aforementioned services, minors older than two years of age will have to participate in person. This procedure will be applied equally when submitting a request both at the Migration Department and at the Customer Service Department of the External Service Provider.

If a foreigner who is not yet two years old does not participate in the application for issuing or changing a permit, or there is no technical possibility to scan the foreigner’s facial image with biometric data registration equipment, it is mandatory to submit two identical photographs that correspond to the foreigner’s age to the employees of the Migration Department. In such a case, the identity of the minor who is not participating in the submission of the application and the identity of the photographs shall be confirmed by the person submitting the application.

This requirement has already been applied to minors after the start of changing the digital permits of Ukrainian war refugees to temporarily live in Lithuania on the basis of temporary protection.