After setting the new minimum monthly salary and hourly remuneration, foreigners will also have to prove a larger amount of funds


On 1 January, the resolution adopted by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania last summer, establishing the minimum monthly salary and minimum hourly wage applicable in 2024, entered into force.

The new minimum monthly salary from the beginning of this year is EUR 924, the minimum hourly wage is EUR 5.65.

The Migration Department reminds that these changes will also affect the obligations of foreigners working in the country.

This means that foreigners, when applying for the issuance or change of a temporary residence permit, permission to change the employer or job function, issuance of a permanent residence permit, or the issuance of a national visa, will have to prove a larger amount of available means of subsistence – EUR 924 per month.

If the foreigner submitted the application in the previous calendar year, the requirement to substantiate the amount of funds applied in 2023 remains valid. In the event that a citizen of a foreign country has filled out the application in the MIGRIS system, but intends to come to the customer service department of the Migration Department or to the department of an external service provider in 2024, he/she is required to prove sufficient funds in accordance with the higher minimum monthly salary approved for this year.

The means of subsistence must be sufficient for one year. If a visa or residence permit valid for less than one year is requested, the means of subsistence must be sufficient for the entire period of validity of the requested document.

If a foreigner works legally in Lithuania and receives a salary that is not less than one minimum monthly salary, a separate document confirming the means of subsistence does not need to be submitted.