I want to get a temporary residence certificate

If you are an EU citizen and have come to live in the Republic of Lithuania for more than 3 months in half a year, you may be issued a certificate confirming your right of temporary residence in the Republic of Lithuania.

I am an employee or a self-employed person or I maintain such a person.

I have resources sufficient for myself and my family members, if they come to me or with me, to live in Lithuania and have a valid health insurance document

I am admitted to study at an educational institution according to the programme (programmes) of general education or vocational training, to study at a science and study institution according to the study programme (programmes) or to a doctoral programme, invited to a traineeship, to improve qualifications.

I am a citizen of an EU Member State, a family member of the citizen of an EU Member State with the right to reside in Lithuania or a family member of a Lithuanian citizen who comes with him or to him

I am a citizen of an EU country and I retain the right to live in Lithuania because I am a child (adopted child) of a EU citizen who has left Lithuania or has deceased, and I am studying at an educational institution according to the relevant formal education programme, or I am one of the parents (adoptive parents) caring for his/her.

I want to change my temporary residence certificate because my personal data have changed, it become unusable, lost, or contains inaccurate entries.

I have a certificate attesting the temporary residence in Lithuania, and a child was born to me during my stay in Lithuania.