Additional ways to collect residence permits for your convenience

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From 5 April, the Migration Department, in cooperation with the Identity Documents Personalisation Centre under the Ministry of the Interior, is introducing additional document collection services for foreigners.

Now a foreign national will be able to collect a residence permit for Lithuania, a certificate of the right to reside in Lithuania of an EU citizen or a residence permit card of a family member of an EU citizen from a different Migration Department’s division than the one where the application was submitted. Until now, such documents were issued to foreigners only at the division where the person submitted the application for the issue or amendment of the permit.

The foreigner will be able to express his/her wish to collect the document from another department by filling in the application form or by submitting it to the Migration Department's customer service unit.

The second novelty is the delivery of temporary residence permits by courier. Until now, this paid service has been provided only to Lithuanian citizens who wish to receive their passports or identity cards in this way.

"When we launched the courier service for Lithuanian citizens, we received positive feedback and requests from our customers to extend this service to documents issued to foreigners. Today, we are pleased to announce that we have fulfilled such a request from our clients", says Evelina Gudzinskaitė, Director of the Migration Department.

From now on, foreigners will also be able to choose a courier service and receive temporary residence permits at their preferred address. The delivery price remains the same as for passports or identity cards - EUR 9.99.

Last year, more than 117,000 temporary residence permits were issued to citizens of various foreign countries and more than 16,000 of these documents were replaced.