When is the invitation letter not confirmed?

An invitation will not be confirmed if the inviting party:

  • a natural person or a head of a legal person, or an authorised representative, does not have a declared place of residence in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • a natural person or a head of a legal person, or an authorised representative, does not have a valid personal document (personal ID card, a passport, a passport of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania, a permanent residence permit, a temporary residence permit, a Lithuanian residence permit as a family member of a citizen of an EU member state, a temporary or permanent residence card as a family member of an EU citizen, or a travel document);
  • a legal person, is not registered in the Register of Legal Entities;
  • has not obtained the agreement to provide accommodation for the invited foreigner from an owner (co-owners) of residential premises or his/her (their) authorised representatives, as defined in the description Pt. 23;
  • does not pay the state fee for the confirmation of the invitation;
  • requests to confirm an invitation for a foreigner, who is included into the national list of foreigners that are forbidden to enter the Republic of Lithuania, or a foreigner, regarding whom an alert was registered in the SIS II, stating that he/she has an entry ban;
  • acts as an intermediary for other persons wishing for the foreigner's temporary arrival to the Republic of Lithuania;
  • exceeds the determined number of applications to confirm an invitation in one calendar year;
  • submits the application to confirm the invitation earlier than 6 months before the expected arrival of the foreigner;
  • submits data, which does not fit reality.


1. The inviting party can revoke his/her invitation, confirmed in the Information system of public services, if the Schengen visa was not yet issued based on that invitation, except for cases, when a foreigner applies for a Schengen visa at a diplomatic mission or consular institution of another Schengen state, representing the Republic of Lithuania.

2. According to Art. 541 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Lithuania, the provision of false data for the purpose of confirming invitations for foreigners to come to the Republic of Lithuania or any other help for foreigners in illegal obtaining of a document, which confirms the right to stay or live in the Republic of Lithuania, results in a fine from 300 to 850 Euros. The same misconduct committed repeatedly results in a fine ranging from 850 to 1 500 Euros.


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