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Work - Highly qualified employee

  I am a HIGHLY QUALIFIED EMPLOYEE I have a university diploma or vocational experience of at least 5 years, which equals higher education qualifications, and have been offered employment with a Lithuanian employer, who needs a highly-qualified employee and who is planning to pay me a salary, which equals to at least 1.5 average monthly gross salaries.


What is considered high qualification?

What is the Blue Card?

How do I obtain a Blue Card?

I don't have a high education diploma, but I have a lot of practical work experience. Can I get the blue card?

 May I bring family members?

May I change the employer?

The Lithuanian Labour Exchange gave me the decision, but I do not have a residence permit yet – am I allowed to work?

When do I have to apply for a renewal of a temporary residence permit that I already have?


  Do I need the resolution of the Lithuanian Labour Exchange regarding compliance to the needs of the labour market?
  How long will my temporary residence permit be valid for?

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