Message to the UK citizens and their family members

The Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania and the Migration Department under the Ministry are in charge of all related issues concerning the UK citizens and their family members who wish to reside in Lithuania after 29 March 2019.

All the UK citizens will be able to stay in Lithuania in case of a no-deal Brexit.

Nonetheless, residence registration in Lithuania is very important for ensuring legal stay in the case of any scenario for the future relations between the European Union and the UK.

The Ministry of the Interior and the Migration Department will continue to keep the UK citizens informed of any further developments.


FAQs on UK citizens status change in relation with BREXIT (Please note, information provided is not final yet)

If I am already resident of the Republic of Lithuania, do I need to change my documents and to apply for my new residence permit?

How much time does it take to issue or renew temporary residence permit?

Will I have to comply with Lithuanian integration requirements when Britain leaves the EU?

Will I be able to bring family members to Lithuania after Brexit?

 As a British citizen, can I apply for Lithuanian citizenship?

Can I acquire Lithuanian citizenship and keep my British citizenship?

Which authority is responsible for British citizens in this context?

I am a British citizen currently studying tertiary education in Lithuania. Are there any changes for my stay? 

I am British citizen, do I need to have employment permit in Lithuania? 

I am a third country citizen family member of a British citizen who is a Lithuanian resident, will I have to change my residence permit (even recently issued) after the Brexit day? 

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