Rights and duties during the examination of an asylum

You have the following basic rights:

  • In case of appropriate decision made by the Migration Department, live in the Foreigners’ Registration Centre and use the services it provides for free;
  • Prepare and notarize all the documents connected with your application for asylum free of charge;
  • Enjoy legal assistance granted by the State;
  • At any time contact the Lithuanian representatives of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ Office;
  • Receive compensation for using public transport;
  • Enjoy interpreting services free of charge;
  • Receive the necessary medical assistance;
  • Receive monthly allowances for minor expenses.

You must:

  • Observe the laws and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Allow a doctor to examine the state of your health;
  • Present all available documents and truthful, exhaustive explanations of your motives for applying for asylum, your personality, as well as circumstances of your entry to the territory of the State and stay in Lithuania;
  • In free form declare all the means which you are getting during the period of temporary territorial asylum.

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