Permanent residence permit cease to be valid

According to Article 56 of the Law on the Legal Status of Aliens permanent residence permit is invalid:

  1. upon the expiry of validity of the permanent residence permit;
  2. if an alien acquires citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania;
  3. upon the alien’s death;
  4. if the permanent residence permit contains elements of forgery;
  5. if the permit has been withdrawn;
  6. if the permit has been lost;
  7. if the alien is issued a permit to reside in another European Union Member State;
  8. the alien has declared that (s)he has departed from the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with the procedure established in the s Law on Declaration of a Place of Residence.

An alien must return an invalid permanent residence permit to a Migration Division of a Territorial Police Office or diplomatic mission of the Republic of Lithuania or consular post abroad.

Paskutinis atnaujinimas: 2014-05-26 12:55:20