Provisions on providing information

Please be informed that according to Art. 6 of the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data personal data shall be disclosed under a personal data disclosure contract between the data controller and the data recipient in the case of a multiple disclosure or in response to a request of the data recipient in the case of a single disclosure. The contract must specify the purpose for which personal data will be used, the legal basis for disclosure and receipt, the conditions, the procedure of use and the extent of personal data that is disclosed. According to Art. 12. 4 of the Law on the Right of Access to Information from State and Local Authority Bodies, when requesting private information about himself, an applicant must indicate his personal code in his request (if he has been issued with such). When such a request is sent by post or by express courier service, it must be accompanied by a notarised copy of a document confirming the identity of the applicant. If an applicant’s representative makes the request for such information, he shall submit an identity document and a document authorising him to represent the applicant. Referring to the fact that it is necessary to establish the identity of the requesting applicant when providing him with personal data and in order to ensure that personal data are not provided to the third persons, information on personal data shall not be provided by telephone or email. Only general information within the competence of the Migration Department under the Ministry of the Interior shall be provided.


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