null Migration Department service procedure under strict quarantine conditions


The Migration Department informs that from 16 December 2020 it will serve customers only according to their place of residence. Additional changes to the service procedure have been made in response to the decision of the Government to tighten quarantine conditions and restrict the movement of persons within the country during the holiday period.

The Migration Department draws the Clients' attention to the fact that persons will be served only in the unit of the Migration Department that serves the municipality where the Client's place of residence is declared. The exception will apply to persons who have already ordered the document production service - the Clients will have to collect the produced documents at the Client Service Department where they ordered the documents.

The new order is temporary and applies only during the holiday period, i.e. from 16 December 2020 00.00 a.m. until 3 January 2021 24.00 p.m.

We remind you that during the quarantine announced in the country, only electronic services are provided to foreign clients, and for mandatory visits, all Clients must register in advance on the website (click “Visit Reservation” in the upper right corner of the website). Clients arriving without prior registration will not be served.

More information can be found here.