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The Migration Department informs, that as of this Monday, the 4th of November, customers will be provided with the information on migration services in Lithuanian, Russian and English by a single phone number of the Call Centre of the Migration Department – 8 707 67000. Customers will be advised on passports and personal identity cards of the Republic of Lithuania, foreigners, electronic migration services (MIGRIS) and other issues.

Information on migration services will not be provided by previous general information numbers of the Migration Department and the Police Department.

Customers will continue to be able to send inquires by E-mail to the general E-mail address of the Migration Department – info@migracija.gov.lt.

The Director of the Migration Department, Evelina Gudzinskaitė, is delighted that the establishment of the Call Centre of the Migration Department is another comprehensive measure for improving customer service: “Renewed Migration Department is introducing new customer service standards – customers will now receive all the necessary information on time using a single phone number. Taking into account individual needs of customers, consultations will be provided in Lithuanian, Russian and English languages”.  

The Migration Department reminds that a new Migration Information System MIGRIS (www.migracija.lt), where customers can electronically apply for residence permits, book a visit to the Units of the Migration Department and find information on migration services, started on the 14th of October. For the convenience of the foreigners, information on foreigners as well as the citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania will also be provided at the Units of the Migration Department by booking a visit in advance; and in order to reduce queues in units, we are setting up more customer service desks as of the 4th of November” – E. Gudzinskaitė names the positive developments.