Migration services in Vilnius to be provided on new premises

Migration services in Vilnius to be provided on new premises

The Vilnius Division of the Migration Department is moving to the new premises and as of 28 October, 1 p.m. it will open its door to the visitors at another locations in Vilnius – at 18 Vytenio Street. The new premises will be created taking into consideration the needs and expectations of the customers and employees seeking to ensure better conditions for the customers and professional high-quality customer service.

The new Vilnius Division will meet residents and guests of the capital in a spacious 700 square-meter hall for customers located on the ground floor of the building and divided into functional service delivery areas with a convenient entrance and a waiting area for the disabled. The young visitors have not been forgotten either – there are two playgrounds built specially for them. Seeking to ensure a faster customer service, more customer service counters have been equipped, a modern queue management system has been implemented, seeking to ensure smoother communication information screens providing relevant information about migration services have been installed. 

“One of our main aims is to provide services of the highest level to the customers”, says Evelina Gudzinskaitė, Director of the Migration Department. “Modern decisions help to ensure that too.  We shall be the first in the city of Vilnius to start using new generation biometric data collection devices, we have also installed the panels of assessing and monitoring the quality of customer service. We hope that customers of the Vilnius Division will welcome our efforts positively”. 

The Migration Department draws attention to the fact that on 28 October the customers will be served on the new premises of the Vilnius Division (18 Vytenio Str., in Vilnius) only from 1a.m. Also, it notifies the customers that due to installation works of biometric data collection equipment and the implementation of related software the customers will not be served in the Vilnius Division on 27 October and apologises for temporary inconveniences caused.