It will not be possible to apply for temporary residence permits in Lebanon, Jordan and Sri Lanka, India - only in exceptional cases

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A new list of foreign countries where an application for a temporary residence permit in Lithuania can be submitted through an external service provider has been approved by order of the Minister of the Interior Agnė Bilotaitė. The list has been shortened to 31 countries out of 34.

As of March 1, foreigners will no longer have the opportunity to apply for temporary residence permits in Jordan, Lebanon and Sri Lanka - the branches of the external service provider "VFS Global" which have served Lithuania in these countries, will be closed.

As of the same date, March 1, the outsourcer's branch in India will accept applications only on certain grounds. Here, foreigners will be able to apply for a temporary residence permit if they plan to come to Lithuania on the basis of family reunification, intend to work as highly skilled workers, or are invited to study in our country's scientific and study institutions according to approved study programs, as well as do doctoral research. It will also be possible to submit an application if the foreigner is transferred within the company or intends to come to our country as a teacher or researcher under an employment contract with a research and study institution.

Foreigners in India will not be able to apply for temporary residence permits in Lithuania on all other grounds. It will also no longer be possible to apply for national visas in these four countries.

The branches of the external service provider opened in early 2023 in other foreign countries will operate as usual.

Temporary residence permits and national visas for residing in Lithuania can be applied for on all grounds in Albania, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, Georgia, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Moldova, Nepal, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, the Republic of South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Uzbekistan and Venezuela.

The list of these countries, as stipulated in the description of the procedure for issuing temporary residence permits in the Republic of Lithuania to foreigners, is approved by the Minister of the Interior. The number of persons serviced in foreign countries is also coordinated with the Ministry of the Interior.