Foreigners will be able to obtain a temporary residence permit before coming to Lithuania (updated FAQ)

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From the beginning of next year, the Migration Department will start providing the service of issuing temporary residence permits in Lithuania through an external service provider. VFS Global, the world's largest outsourcing and technology company providing similar services to many governments and diplomatic missions, has been selected through a public procurement process.

On Friday, 16 December, the Migration Department held a teleconference to present the innovation and answer questions from participants. You can watch the recording of the conference on the Migration Department's Youtube account:


Will I need to leave my passport at the VFS Global office when applying for a temporary residence permit and while waiting for a decision?

No, you will not need to leave your passport at the office. The client will need to come to the office with all original documents in order to be properly identified and to be able to apply for a temporary residence permit. Once the necessary formalities have been completed, the passport will be returned to the client at the same visit.

How long will it take an employer to recruit a worker who has obtained a temporary residence permit if he/she still has to wait for a courier to deliver the temporary residence card that has already been issued?

Currently, the employer has to recruit the worker within two months. This deadline remains unchanged.

What language will be used for customer service at VFS Global offices?

All offices will provide customer service in English, as well as in the official language of the country where the company has an office.

Will citizens of other countries where VFS Global does not have offices also be able to apply for temporary residence permits in Lithuania?

Yes, citizens of other countries can also apply to VFS Global offices abroad to obtain temporary residence permits in Lithuania. However, please note that Lithuania is currently in a state of emergency, so applications for temporary residence permits from Russian and Belarusian citizens will not be accepted at VFS Global offices. 

How far in advance is it recommended for a student who is planning to start his/her studies in Lithuania to contact the VFS Global office?

As the maximum processing time is 3 months, this is the amount of time we recommend to allow for when planning a trip to Lithuania for the purpose of studying. We also recommend that you apply for a temporary residence permit instead of a national visa, which is issued immediately for two years on the basis of studies.

Can my employer pay for an external service provider?

When applying for a temporary residence permit, it is possible to pay the stamp duty in advance and attach a copy of the bank transfer to prove it, but the services of the external service provider, VFS Global, are paid directly to its representatives.

How will the courier service be paid for?

The temporary residence permit produced in Lithuania will be handed over to a VFS Global courier who will deliver it to the client. The courier service will not cost extra, as the transport costs are included in the customer service fee that the customer will have to pay at the VFS Global office.

Can an employer apply for a temporary residence permit in Lithuania?

Yes, this can be done in MIGRIS, but it is important to remember that the person applying for a temporary residence permit will have to come to the office of the external service provider with the original documents. It is also important to remember that only the foreigner will be able to pick up the residence permit card once it has been ordered through the external service provider - the employer will not be able to take the card.