Foreigners who lost their temporary residence permits outside the territory of Lithuania will be able to order duplicates through the external services provider

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The Department of Migration, in order to improve the quality of the provided electronic services and the operation of the Lithuanian migration information system MIGRIS, implemented improvements in it.

The innovation will allow a foreigner who has left Lithuania for a short time and has damaged or otherwise lost his temporary residence permit to submit a request to reissue the said permit through the external service provider “VFS Global”.

A citizen of a foreign state who has lost his temporary residence permit in Lithuania will have to log in to his MIGRIS account, submit a report on the lost document and fill out an application for a new temporary residence permit.

At this stage, the foreigner will have to indicate the branch of the external service provider, where he will come to apply and later collect the produced card.

If a foreigner applies for a new temporary residence permit in Lithuania through an external service provider, he/she will have to come to one of “VFS Global“ branches. Currently, the said service is provided in 34 world countries, the list of which can be found here. In this case, it is no longer necessary to pre-book a visit to the branch of the external service provider.

Up to 10 working days are allocated to the examination of the application for a new issuance of a temporary residence permit, and the foreigner will be informed about the issued permit in a separate notification.
The new temporary residence permit card will reach the foreigner via courier, so when planning a trip to Lithuania, you should keep in mind that the forwarding of the document itself to a foreign country will take additional time.