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Who may receive or replace a temporary residence permit?

Article 40 of the Law on the Legal Status of Aliens (hereinafter – the Law) of the Republic of Lithuania, which regulates the legal status of aliens. In paragraph 1 of Article 40 of the Law grounds are estalished for issuance or replacement of temporary residence permits to aliens.

A temporary residence permit may be issued to an alien if:

  • he/she  has retained the right to citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania (Article 41);
  • he/she  is a person of Lithuanian descent (Article 42);
  • it is a case of family reunification (Article 43);
  • he/she  intends to work in the Republic of Lithuania (Article 44);
  • he/she intends to work in the employment requiring high professional qualifications  (Article 44(1));
  • he/she is engaged in and intends to continue to be engaged in lawful activities in the Republic of Lithuania   (Article 45);
  • he/she intends to study (Article 46);
  • a guardian has been assigned to him/her or he/she has been appointed a guardian for somebody (Article 47);
  • he/she is allowed to remain and reside in the Republic of Lithuania because he/she is or was a victim of human trafficking or illegal work and he/she cooperates with a pre-trial investigation authority or a court of law in the fight against human trafficking or against crimes related to human trafficking or illegal work (Article 49(1));
  • he/she intends, under an employment contract concluded with a science and study establishment registered in the Republic of Lithuania, to work as a lecturer or conduct research and/or development (social, cultural) as a researcher (Article 49(2));
  • he/she has gained a long-term resident’s status in another Eurpean Union Member State and has a permission to reside issued by that country (Article 49(3)).

The alien may also be issued a temporary residence permit where he has been granted subsidiary or temporary protection in the Republic of Lithuania, he is unable to depart due to a dangerous health condition and requires urgent basic medical aid, also where the alien cannot be expelled from the Republic of Lithuania.

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