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Informuojame, kad nuo š. m. vasario 19 d. keičiasi prašymų dėl nacionalinių vizų priėmimo Migracijos departamente priėmimo laikas. Prašymai bus priimami darbo dienomis 8.00–10.00 val.

What to do after losing a permanent residence permit?

An alien, who lost a permanent residence permit, shall personally submit a free-form written report to a Migration Division of a Territorial Police Office of his/her place of residence or to any other Territorial Police Office, and the one who stays in a foreign country, to a diplomatic mission of the Republic of Lithuania or consular post abroad.

An alien may also submit a report about a lost permanent residence permit online, by connecting to  Information system of public services related to the issuance of identity and other documents, consulting, provided for the citizens of the Republic of Lithuania and aliens

In this report an alien shall indicate the circumstances of losing a permanent residence permit and data of a lost permanent residence permit (if (s)he is aware of them).


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