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When is the invitation letter not confirmed?

The invitation letter is not confirmed, if:

  • the inviting natural person or the head of the legal entity or a representative authorized by him has not declared the place of residence in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • the inviting legal entity is not registered in the Registry of Legal Entities;
  • it is asked to confirm an invitation letter to the alien who is included into the National List of Aliens Who are Prohibited from Entry into the Republic of Lithuania, or to the alien, due to whom a Schengen State has included into the Schengen information system a warning for the  denial of entry in accordance with the Convention of  19 June, 1990 concerning the Schengen Agreement of 14 June, 1985, made between the states of the Benelux Economic Union and Governments of the Federal Republic of Germany and the French Republic, concerning the implementation of the gradual abolition of controls in their common borders (OJ, 2004, special edition, Chapter 19, Volume 2, p. 9) as amended by the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) of 20 December, 2006, No. 1987/2006 (OJ 2006 L 381, p. 4), provision of Article 96;
  • the inviting person mediates for other persons who wish that an alien would temporary arrive at the Republic of Lithuania;
  • the provided data do not comply with the reality.


1. After receiving a written application of a legal entity or a natural person who invited an alien, or after emerging of the reasons when the invitation letter is not confirmed, the confirmed invitation letter can be cancelled, if a Schengen visa is not issued yet on the grounds of this invitation letter.

2. The submission of false data for the confirmation of the invitation letters for aliens to enter to the Republic of Lithuania or support in another unlawful way in order to receive for an alien the document confirming the right to stay or reside in the Republic of Lithuania, in accordance with the Republic of Lithuania Code of Administrative Violations, Article 206(5), shall incur a penalty from two hundred eighty nine to eight hundred sixty eight euros for natural persons, the heads of legal entities or persons authorized by the heads of legal entities. The same actions commited by the person who has already been punished with an administrative penalty for offences under this Article, shall incur a penalty from eight hundred sixty eight to one thousand four hundred forty eight euros.


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